Adir Elias

Adir is a student enrolled in the Faculty of Law at Ono Academic College, where he is an active member of the student union and the esteemed "Entrepreneurship Club" of Ono Academic College. Prior to pursuing his academic studies in 2019, Adir received education in "real estate investments." During his military service in 2020, in preparation for his bachelor's degree in law, Adir successfully completed the land registrar's exams and obtained a brokerage license. In 2022, Adir joined our esteemed office, Shai Partush, as a member of the real estate and urban renewal department. Adir is a diligent and dedicated individual with a strong technological background. He served in the intelligence corps and upon his release from military service, he began working as a pre-intern in our office that same year. There is no doubt that we anticipate a promising future for him within our firm and in the realm of corporate affairs.


1. Hebrew

2. English

– Proficient in office applications.
– Proficient in utilizing search engines such as "Nevo," "Takdin," and "Din moment."

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